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Forum Fenix Forum Fenix, Riksförbundet hem och skola
Mission: Analysis, structural and graphics design and production of the web site.
Target Group: Parents wishing to participate in school development and schools.
Outcome: A web site that utilizes new dynamic HTML-technology to offer quick and easy navigation through popup menues.
In cooperation with Neo Media.

Arvinius förlag (Publishing Company)
Mission: "Frilansboken" (a book with presentation of Free-lancers) over the Internet. The graphical profile developed by Mr Gabor Palotai should be intact.
Target Group: All buyers of Free-lance services
Outcome: Data base solution enabling easy and quick navigation between all the participating Free-lancers

Metric Gruppen AB The Metric Group
Mission: Management consulting, structural and graphics design, copywriting and production of a common web site for the mother organisation and it's daughter companies
Target Group: Existing and potential customers, corporate and financial analysts
Outcome: Efficient home pages with a common graphic profile. Data base driven pages, including shopping functions

HSB Riksförbund
Mission: Re-design and restructuring of the existing web site
Target Group: Individuals, members, journalists.
Outcome: A News oriented web site with a flat structure, adopted to the three target groups.
In cooperation with Neo Media.

Mentor Graphics Scandinavia Mentor Graphics Scandinavia
Mission: Analysis, structural and graphic design and production of template pages to a Nordic web site for MG.
Target Group: All corporations in the Nordic area using MG's products.
Outcome: A web site that reduces the workload for the Support Department, and add value to MG's products.

Glesbygdsverket - (Agency of sparsely populated areas)
Mission: Analysis, structural and graphics design and production of the web site
Target Group: Journalists, Corporations and Individuals
Outcome: A web site that describes the duties of GBV and helps the user to navigate in the complex rules of the European Union.
In cooperation with Neo Media.

Hilton The Parental Coop "Hilton"
Mission: A web site for a Reggio Emilia-inspired parental co-operative, running a day-care centre for children
Target Group: Parents looking for day-care for their children
Outcome: A web site with a focus on the children.


Korridor AB,, tel:+46-8-720 4150, fax +46-8-720 4160