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If you have a question, or just want to discuss something - get in touch with us! You can use email, phone or fax. If you have a price-request, please complete the feedback form below. We will come back to you within two (2) working days.

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I am/ we are interested in:
more information
an offer
your web hotel
assistance with our web page production

a job @ Korridor
a trainee position @ Korridor
Other things:

web page publishing: (website hosting)
Storage and publishing of web pages, including registration to search engines
www hotel; address like ""
Internet Server; address like ""
I don't really know what I need yet!

production of home pages: desired level of ambition:
Straight forward, low budget
Advanced Interface
Don't know

approximate size: no of pages of A4/Ltr text

pictures/logos etc
we have all the pictures in a deliverable digital form
we have all the pictures, but some of them need to be scanned
we have all the pictures, but all of them need to be scanned
I want Korridor to produce pictures and/or illustrations
don't know yet

very few features: counter, guest book, order form etc
more features: Interactive data base, free text-search in the www-pages, etc
I don't know, any suggestions ?
other needs:

the text material is proof-read and okay.
we could use some help with things like proof-reading, preambles, captions and headlines
we need a lot of help with our text material
We need to translate the text to:

anything else


Korridor AB,, tel:+46-8-720 4150, fax +46-8-720 4160