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Data bases

The Internet stands for interactivity and up-to-date information. A web site that fails to meet these qualities will soon lose its value. As a consequence, Korridor strongly discourages corporations and organisations to publish static presentations, regardless of how nice and fancy the three dimensional, rotating logotype may look...

To build a web site based on a data base means that interactivity and flexibility is built in from the start. Initially it is slightly more expensive than to release static HTML-pages, but in the long run it saves both money and a lot of effort to collect all the dynamic information from a data base.

Korridor Stockholm has the competence required to create product catalogues with search capabilities, including an easy-to-use interface to update and add to the catalogue. Later, if the need develops to expand the web service with shopping capabilities, it is good to know that the data base solution is already prepared for that.

Korridor AB,, tel:+46-8-720 4150, fax +46-8-720 4160